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Helping Families form Strong Parent-Child Relationships 

Teaching. Writing. Products.

Meet Celeste

Tutor. Writer. Entrepreneur. Mom.

I am an advocate for growth and education. As the founder of a small-business learning company, Grow as You Go LLC, I have been able to foster this mission of spreading knowledge and awareness specifically through developing strong literacy skills along with fostering secure parent-child relationships. I have had 10+ years of working with children in various settings, academic and non-academic, and have noticed that not all academic problems require academic solutions, many students suffer mental blocks that prohibit them from performing well due to their socio-emotional needs not being met at home. Therefore the goal of my organization is to develop an immersive literacy and relational experience for parents and children to thrive, in order to launch them into future academic success. 


What I Specialize In

Augmenting Perspective on Academic Struggles

Setting Learning and Parenting Goals

Developing Products that foster a Growth Mindset

Establishing Foundational Pre-Reading Skills

Teaching Kids to Decode Words

The Journey Towards Academic Success begins at home...

I have just been so impressed with Celeste and her dedication to families and their education. Not only does it show in her professional career, but she implements her creativity and love for teaching with her own children. Her passion for learning, especially in the area of reading, flows from her heart and her desire for every child to not only learn well, but to be loved well in the process.

- Kenna Clark

In one word, Celeste is phenomenal, 
both as a mother and teacher! She is patient, kind, creative, and has the ability to see the child before her and to give the gift of what they really need in the moment. She is passionate about teaching children in a way that fills their cups and makes them feel loved. I have learned so much from her on what it means to grow as you go along with your children. As a mother myself, she is a personal inspiration and an incredible teacher.

- Rebekah Wong

My daughter has tutored with Celeste for a year now and absolutely loves it! She is very appreciative of the fact that Celeste has helped her immensely with her reading comprehension and literacy skills. Her ability to connect with her on a deeper level is what kept my daughter engaged! She is now confident in her abilities, looks forward to every meeting, and finds learning a joy rather than a chore!

- Lisa Thomas

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