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Meet Celeste

Tutor. Writer. Entrepreneur. Mom.

Hello Families,

I am the founder of Grow as You Go!! Thank you so much for stopping by my page.

A few things to know about my mission…

✍🏻I am an advocate for growth and education because I’ve seen the impact it’s made on my own life.
✍🏻I plan on spreading knowledge and awareness for parents in literacy and psychology.
✍🏻Specifically focusing on building strong literacy skills along with fostering secure parent-child relationships that will launch children into successful academic and life outcomes!!
Currently developing a Children’s Decodable Book Series to go along with the scaffolding system utilized in our products and sessions!

✍🏻Reading Bands, Tutoring, and Group Coaching are out NOW to grow this growth-mindset community! 

Im a writer, educator, and life-long learner who acknowledges that everyone lives based out of their limited experiences, and I am here to challenge us all, no matter what stage of life your at…. to growth. Come and join us by following our page and seeing this company most literally, Grow as we Go!!

And if it means anything to anyone I also have a
B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Masters in Business Administration!!


The Grow as you Go Parenting Workshop

What to Expect: As a single mom, I have a full understanding of the overwhelming feeling and the weight of pressure to educate, raise, feed and foster healthy and secure relationships with our children and all while maintaining our own personal life balance. It is no easy task, but with the right mindset you can tackle on anything! 

Join me in unpacking and shifting our mindset from a place of feeling stuck, hopeless, and discouraged to one of growth! All while harvesting the right skills to motivate and connect with our children on a personal and academic level you and your child will foster those secure relationships necessary for growth!

Our company is committed to helping

yours Grow as You Go!!

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