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Help your child solidify their letter sounds with these convenient monthly reading bands, to make on-the-go learning easy!! Letter sounds make decoding words easier later on in their reading journey. The monthly design is made to supplement the teaching model and Children's Decodable Book Series that is expected to launch in 2024!! Stay updated by subscribing to our email list and follow us on Instagram @growasyougollc 


Grow as You Go is committed to empowering families to teach their kids to read by providing minimalist, on-the-go products and services! The Reading Bands are designed with the busy parent and child in mind. Take any opportunity as you live your daily life to review this letter list found in a convenient place, just on your child’s wrist! We all know that letter sounds are the building blocks of reading, so the Reading Bands are designed to be used monthly to help your child ensure successful acquisition in an easy, convenient way! They can be used for introducing letter sounds at the toddler age, or simply reinforcing letter sound concepts in much older children. For more reading products or tips on teaching your child to read and for a FREE Monthly Letter Guide, follow us on Instagram @growasyougollc and subscribe to our email list at


Celeste Torres,

Founder of Grow as you Go LLC

Reading Bands

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$8.00every week until canceled
  • Subscribe to our email list and get a free digital download of the monthly letter order to encourage letter sound acquisition for easier decoding later on in their reading journey!!

  • Designed for toddlers and young children between the ages of 2-8, therefore the bands may not fit on most adults.

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